Rules and Conditions for Becoming an Artist

Becoming an artist at PerEXP Teamworks contains stated rules and conditions. These rules and conditions are explained in the following headings. If you accept the “Rules and conditions of being an artist,” you can apply for an artist name from the “Register” page.

Becoming an artist at PerEXP Teamworks contains stated rules and conditions. These rules and conditions are explained in the following headings. If you accept the “Rules and conditions of being an artist,” you can apply for an artist name from the “Register” page.

PerEXP Teamworks rules and conditions for becoming an artist

Rules regarding personal information

  • In the “Register” form, first and last name information must be filled in as written on the ID to represent you, and no additional verification is needed. You must be 14 or older (14+) to participate in PerEXP Teamworks’ art community. In the “Register” form, this age should be indicated as the date of birth (Day-month-year). (Situations in which specific initiatives are recognized may occur depending on experience.)
  • PerEXP Teamworks expects specific experiences related to the main areas you are dealing with. However, this is optional. (Ex. pixelart)

Profile rules

  • The photo in your profile should belong to you: Your profile photo must belong to you to verify that the work done belongs to you. In cases where it is not desired to add a profile picture, standard avatar photos of PerEXP Teamworks can be preferred.
  • Your visible name in the WordPress profile should consist of your truth name and surname: The works made will be displayed in specific places on PerEXP Teamworks’ website, and PerEXP Teamworks will send you an invitation to exhibit them on your behalf. After this invitation, at the registration stage, your name in your WordPress profile should be the first and last name that you use in real life. (You are representing yourself.)
  • The about me section of your WordPress profile should be filled: The “About Me” section in your WordPress user profile should be filled in. (Reviewers may want to know about you.)

NOTE: PerEXP Teamworks stipulates that the profile information of the artists included in must be fully complete about the steps that will provide a reference force to the person at the point of representing themselves.

Rules for submitting artworks

  • For people or groups to be better coordinated, people or groups should be included in the Discord community. This is essential for interacting between a person or group and PerEXP Teamworks.
  • There is no commercial gain for members from the content produced and the advertisements appearing in the content, and no claim can be made in this regard. PerEXP Teamworks only offers advantages over presenting and referring your content.
  • The written art posts must be original to the extent that they cannot contain any copyright status. The sources used should be indicated in the form of a link, with what kind of information is used in parentheses. (If there is a copy of the content, the removal process is applied without any warning.)
  • If a request is sent for the publication of an art that does not belong to you, it is removed indefinitely by the PerEXP Teamworks management, and if the content has a copyright, it may also open the way for the implementation of situations that may involve much heavier sanctions. (A legal process is initiated for unauthorized content use in a multidimensional situation.)

NOTE: The administrative mail used by PerEXP Teamworks ( with your artlog post and may send you a paper on your authorship. At this point, it is important you keep the notifications of your emails constantly open. In case of any inadequacy, you will be notified of this situation again by mail.

  • The content of the art post should not contain any inappropriate situations. (Some examples of inappropriate situations are: content containing political and terrorism content, content containing advertising of any institution or organization, pornography, content containing private information, etc.)
  • There must be a designated name for the art post that you want to publish. The fact that the art post you write has a special name is one of the biggest factors that make you stand out in search engines.
  • Since a art post that is requested to be published will be shared as a post and a summary that highlights it is required, you should add a summary of this post. It can be mentioned which titles are mentioned in this art, how information is included and what the reader will gain. For this reason, it is mandatory to have a description (Summary) of every art post you write.
  • In the case of any team work & joint writing, the contracting author (Lead author) of that team should be. Although the authors included in the art appear to be the authors of that art, there must be a contractor for the art. This person can be the person who contributes the most to the art or the person chosen by the joint decision of the team.
  • The art requested to be published is written and sent via the WordPress system or Discord. If the art is published after passing the approval of the editor and management, the person is notified.
  • If any artist receives 3 warnings or does not respond to emails sent and requiring a response within a certain period of time, he/she will be suspended from PerEXP Teamworks.
  • And also if any artist leaves PerEXP Teamworks, he continues to stay the same on behalf of the person who published the arts. Art removal requests cannot be created from the feedback widget in each work except for certain specific reasons (Situations that create problems on behalf of the artist).

Community rules

  • PerEXP Teamworks adopts a flexible style despite the members and creates a team culture within the framework of it. To protect and maintain this culture, there are “PerEXP Teamworks Discord Community Rules and Terms” accepted by all members. This rule covers all members, especially the writers and artists who are in the community. Any violation of the rules results in a sanction. (This rule covers all TWs communities.)
  • Exhibiting any reaction or action that is harmful to the “TWs Team Management and Tasking” structures results in sanctions related to the initiator.
  • It is forbidden to open any audio or written data shared in the communities of PerEXP Teamworks to any media except TWS’s communities and groups. (NDA)

NOTE: By filling out the “Register” application form in PerEXP Teamworks, you are deemed to have fully accepted these terms. In any rule update, all artists within PerEXP Teamworks are notified of this.

This translation was made by Ahmet Ege Çarıkçıoğlu.

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