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Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace was built by Sultan Mehmed II (1444-1445 and 1451-1481) during the years 1460-1478, following the conquest of Istanbul. New buildings and annexes were added by other sultans over the centuries, creating the palace complex as we know it today. On 3 April 1924, shortly after the Republic of Turkey was established on 29 October 1923, Topkapı Palace became a museum; the first to be established in the Republican period. Today the palace and its grounds cover an area of nearly 350,000 m², excluding Gülhane Park, which was once part of the palace gardens but is now a public park. This palace, with its historic buildings, collections and nearly 300,000 archive documents, is one of the largest museum-palaces in the world. A pixel art of this precious museum is a must : D

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