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Ayşenur Gökçek

15 posts
Merhaba, ben Ayşenur. Joonpal olarak da biliniyorum. Dijital sanat ve geleneksel sanat üzerine çizimler yapıyorum.


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Space Thumbnail [2]

What is your point of view towards celestial bodies? What do they mean to you? This cover art for the Cosmic Objects series expresses the diversity of celestial bodies in space.

Hoshino Ai

Ai Hoshino is the lead idol of B-Komachi, an idol group affiliated with Strawberry Productions. Before her idol work, she was an unprofessional bumpkin.

Sage and Reyna

Mexican and chinese 2 women can meet? Yes, they can. Sage and Reyna are most used and overpowered characters from ''Valorant'' Sage and Reyna isn't an official match but players match these 2 women