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Ayşenur Gökçek

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Merhaba, ben Ayşenur. Joonpal olarak da biliniyorum. Dijital sanat ve geleneksel sanat üzerine çizimler yapıyorum.

Sage and Reyna

Mexican and chinese 2 women can meet? Yes, they can. Sage and Reyna are most used and overpowered characters from ''Valorant'' Sage and Reyna isn't an official match but players match these 2 women

Leslie and Ray

What do you feel if the person you love get killed? Think a child in world full of devils stuck in thorned wires and breeding for eating. Is these meals important than innocent kids? In a universe from Isabella and Leslie couple leslie isn't killed think a warmly frame with ray didn't you feel warmly? If is this frame real I can't imagine how much people get warmly feelings. Sometimes we have wishes but not all the time these wishes be real.


Inosuke is likes to think he is most powerful warrior. Challenge almost every person he meet and wants respect and praise for others abilities. Extremely nervous and proud a young man.


Sans is a small and always smiling skeleton in a game (Undertale) wearing a white shirt blue jacket black tracksuit and white tone slippers you know this character :D?


Physical scars might be really painful well about psychologyal scars? Think you flying in a empty place with memory bubbles and injured body how you recover yourself.