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Hilal Beyza Arabacı

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Hi. My name is Lai. I am 20 years old. I live in Turkey. I am a digital artist. I usually draw anime-style things. I'm accepting commissions. Contact fiverr for commission. For private contact: lail0r81@gmail.com

Lai Bunny

My persona Lai, which I drew and finished in 1 day, at the request of my friend (She certainly did not force it xd). But this time with a rabbit costume.


I wanted to draw Kiraa because it was a DTIYS contest. Kiraa is one of my favorite characters. I would even say the most popular. That's why I decided to do DTIYS by changing the style a bit.


I can say that it is one of my favorite paintings. My painting is soft and I only use a few colors when shading. I don't usually do much detail. That's why I like to paint skin tones.

Is God Good or Bad?

Kiraa is a person without feelings. “How are you feeling?” she can't answer when a question is asked. The subjective cannot answer any question or answer, she cannot say. It's just one color, she. Her hair, her skin, her dress. Each color looks different because its shade is different. Her eyes are hell.

The End

Joshua is wearing a cyberpunk mask. He's a really cool kid. The mask of his first painting was so detailed that I still couldn't finish it. I don't know how many years. His mask takes so long to draw, and this lack of detail, it really is. I even drew the plus of the nails in the first picture. When I draw Joshua, I get depressed. Because years pass and I can't finish QwQ. So I drew a simpler picture. I'm relieved. I'm really relieved.