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Mert Efe Aydın

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Selam! Ben Mert Efe Aydın. Çoğunlukla müzik, basketbol ve oyunlarla ilgilenen sıradan enerjik bir lise öğrencisiyim. Boş zamanlarda çizim yapar ve geliştirmeye çalışırım. Bilim kurgu filmlerine de bayılırım. Normal sıradan bir insanım.


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In this pixel art design made for the Artworks category of PerEXP Teamworks, it is shown that the artist revealed his work using the mirror technique.

Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace was built by Sultan Mehmed II (1444-1445 and 1451-1481) during the years 1460-1478, following the conquest of Istanbul. New buildings and annexes were added by other sultans over the centuries, creating the palace complex as we know it today.


This pixel art work for the "Art" category of PerEXP Teamworks was inspired by the famous painter Bob Ross. In addition, the painting on the canvas was inspired by the house where the Finn & Jake characters from the "Adventure Time" cartoon live.


This pixel artwork made for the "Science" category of PerEXP Teamworks describes the laboratory work of scientists. In addition, while drawing the characters, the Rick character from the "Rick and Morty" cartoon was also inspired.

Two Sides of the Moon

How does it feel to sit in front of the moonlight with someone you care about? What does talking while looking at the sky make you think? Thinking about the present, thinking about the past, thinking about the future? Or the precious person next to you? The interpretation of this work is left to you by the designer : D


This design for the PerEXP Teamworks homepage emphasizes the efficiency and effectiveness of teamwork. In addition, one points out that different perspectives in teamwork are also evaluated and taken into account.