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PerEXP Teamworks?

PerEXP Teamworks is a community of articles that aims to teach a person in the team the logic of teamwork, the efficiency of a study when it becomes a teamwork, and the “Excellent” result resulting from teamwork. PerEXP Teamworks has a vision and mission that tries to open new ways to bring new theorems and laws to the academic and scientific world rather than understanding the articles by all people with the motto “Detailed and fluent articles from the teams community…”. Within PerEXP Teamworks, the roof has a management team, as well as a system that constantly monitors each other, which houses multiple teams under it. Welcome to the digital library of the article community, which makes academic article writing out of the monopoly of academics and makes the systematic circuits of the academic world much faster! PerEXP Teamworks presents with the motto “Detailed and fluent articles from the teams community…”!

Article Categories


Would you like to read our teamwork articles in the field of science? View all scientific academic articles in specific branches of science such as neuroscience, psychology, evolution, physiology, pathology and zoology, which we cover in detail and fluently, evaluated from every perspective with references and teamwork!


There are dozens of theories and interpretations about art and its components in hundreds of books and thousands of articles. “What is art, what is called/what is not called artwork, how should art be executed, what is aesthetic/non-aesthetic work and good/bad work?” click here to view the approaches to your questions in detail and fluently from all perspectives through teamwork!


In many places, we are confronted with terms that we do not understand/do not know. As soon as we feel compelled to access information related to these terms, we would like neither the very connected parts of that term nor the term itself to be mentioned briefly. Click here to view the articles where you can get the most detailed information about direct terms and where you can also examine their links separately!


It is the category where we cover and share articles about PerEXP Teamworks that promote PerEXP Teamworks. The Community category, which contains the shares of the “@teamworksmanagement” account, contains articles about the community and the website. View Community posts!


In this category, which includes developments/changes and perspectives on science and art, there are rational evaluations that depend on the cause-effect relationship outside of the academic literature. View blog posts!

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PerEXP & Teamworks?

  • PerEXP vision “Personal Experience” is a mission and vision that has emerged based on the philosophy of being the center of a person’s life -the essence of a person- and the road map of the experiences that a person has gained and the perspectives that one has gained for himself. This philosophy argues that the experiences and knowledge gained from life itself are the most accurate source. “Per” means that the person starts life as 1, and “EXP” means that the person matures as a result of the knowledge and experiences one has received, that is, adding 0 next to 1 in every experience he has received. EXP is capitalized because it makes every 0 person taken more mature. The expression “Teamworks” in PerEXP Teamworks emerged as an idea advocating that the most detailed and the most accurate result will be achieved due to the listing of all the results when a work is done as a teamwork, that is, when more than one perspective is given to a subject. PerEXP vision and mission, PerEXP Teamworks continued as “Research-experience with teamwork” and started to publish academic articles with this vision.


  • Axolotls are living things that often take place in scientific studies with their regenerative features, namely self-renewal. Axolotl, which is also reflected in the PerEXP Teamworks logo, means that the articles are renewable and therefore updateable projects.