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Zeynep Naz Tekeli

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Ben Naz, geleneksel ve dijital çizimle uğraşıyorum. Kendimi resimlerimle ifade etmeye ve resimlerimi farklı yönlerde geliştirmeye çalışıyorum, ileride animatör olmak istiyorum.

Jennie Kim

This drawing, which is dedicated to the success of Jennie Kim, who debuted with the Blackpink group, one of the K-Pop celebrities, compared to other K-Pop groups, is presented to her fans by the artist.


Can you imagine that emotions such as worry, anxiety and fear get out of control and make your life depressing? Absolutely it's normal to experience this occasionally, but what about those who experience it all the time?

The Melancholic Abstracted from Her Skin

How do people who do not love their bodies see themselves in the mirror? Stripped of its skin, abandoned, depressed air must be pretty pathetic. In this drawing, which tells about being hated for one's own body, the pathetic state of the person is emphasized, but the mood of depression is emphasized.