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PerEXP Teamworks

PerEXP Teamworks provides a platform that helps individuals raise themselves in the principles of continuous change and development by enabling individuals to make academic presentations of their projects and different perspectives from different people. At PerEXP Teamworks, you can make an academic presentation of your content, connect with different people, and provide perspective on yourself!

Sergi & Müze Gezginleri

Sergi & Müze Gezginleri is an art community with a mission to spread art and culture. It has a community of about fifteen people from every generation. In a teamwork collaboration; We carry out studies to view and research artistic, cultural, historical and informative places. Our purpose is to bring and encourage individuals from every generation to art.

Sapiens Medya
Partner Establishment

Sapiens Medya (Media) is an organization that aims to prevent the monopolization of sciencetelling in Turkey and give new understanding and momentum to science storytelling. It takes its name from the Latin “Sapiens” meaning “Intelligent,” and the word “Medya (Musab, Ege, Deha, Yasemin, Ali)”, which is a direct reference to our founding cause and the initials of our five founding members.

Martian Team (PerEXP Teamworks)
PerEXP Foundation

The Martian Team, which is a part of the PerEXP platform, is the platform’s team in the field of scientific content production. The aim of the team is to convey the topics he is interested in and loves in a simple and scientific language. The members of the team consist of people who specialize in different fields and are eager to learn. The team’s vision is to create an organization that is antithetical to the uniformity and monopoly of scientific content production, starting from the foundation.