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I designed Yuşa in the way that suits him best in drawing. As a ram. There are no glass shards in the original version of the picture and there is not much color in the picture. The biggest colors you've ever seen are pink and white. The main subject of this drawing was mask and fractures. I wanted to give the impression of being hit by a bullet.

Disinterested Light

The first version of the artwork. The details are really nice. Actually, the most challenging part for me was the color of the mask. At first I used pink, black and white colors. But I didn't want people to be overwhelmed by pink when I realized it was too pink. I left the background plain when too much detail went into the mask. A background in shades of gray. I also wanted to make an air as if the light was coming from behind.

Snow Candy

When did it snow? Time passes so quickly in a snow globe. Anyway, Candy Cane is making a little snowman just like herself. She loves every season to be winter, it will never melt. Is it good? Anyway, snow yesterday, snow today, snow tomorrow! Hurray!


Here I am again with a drawing I made for a competition! I really enjoyed this work and enjoyed drawing it. Lai (Me) and Lynx (Friend) are in the back. A drawing that cools you down in this heat.